Comments from Psychologists

This book empowers children to value the act of thinking and to think about values. Have You Talked Values With Your Kids? is a book whose time has come. In this age of electronic gadgetry and online activities it is more important than ever for parents to talk to their children about the importance of essential values. This book is sure to be useful to parents of all faiths and to children from all backgrounds. It promotes deep thought on the part of both children and parents."

Dr. Corinne Masur, Psy.D. Clinical Psychologist, Philadelphia

As a family psychologist and family therapy teacher and practitioner I could not agree more with the idea underlying your book, i.e. that parents need to be having conversations about life values with their children. Your book is a tremendous help because it gives parents a "tool" for talking with their children without lecturing them or imposing their own values on their children.

Dr. Norbert A. Wetzel, Th.D., Family Psychologist and Therapist, Co-Founder and Director of Training, The Center for Family, Community & Social Justice, Inc. Princeton, New Jersey 

Have You Talked Values With Your Kids? is unique due to its simplicity and format. Parents will come to appreciate how spending time with children and the book will improve the child's (and perhaps the whole family's) social and emotional intelligence. Buyers of this book will reap a very high return on their investment of time using it with children. Effective and "user friendly" help in discovering what is really important in life makes your book a real treasure.

Dr. Martin J. Schoen, Psy.D., Licensed Psychologist, St. Paul, Minnesota

This unique and delightful book is sure to spark enlightening discussions around many kitchen tables. Parents and children alike will benefit from the wise words offered by history's greatest minds and the thought-provoking questions fashioned for each statement.

Dr. Gregory Powell, Psy.D. Clinical Psychologist, Frederick Psychology Center, Frederick, Maryland