A Note From the Author

I had a great education: a B.A. in History from Trinity College, Hartford, Connecticut, and a M.A. in Social Science from United States International University, San Diego, California. For thirty-five years I taught children in public schools. I love to read, and at age 88 I am still finding true and beautiful thoughts to comfort and guide me.

Over thousands of years many of the world’s great thinkers, ancient and modern, men and women, have found certain ways of thinking, certain valued thoughts that made life happier for themselves and others. The statements chosen for this book are some of the best expressions of these values.

These thoughts, or values, REALLY DO help to make lives happier. They are essential tools that we need to use now.

This book exists because it is needed. Many children are not aware of the importance of our life values and how they impact our lives. As a result, these children act on impulse without considering the values that could guide them and that have been crucial to the nourishment of our society. The wise statements and demanding questions in the book challenge the students to think about the values. That is the purpose of the discussions. No tests nor paperwork are necessary.


I believe this book will be useful. It is offered with love.

"Planning His Future"
"Planning His Future"