Have You Talked Values With Your Kids?  is a new book by an eighty-eight-year-old teacher that
challenges kids 8 - 12 to think about life values: gratitude, forgiveness, courage, empathy, kindness, etc.
A statement about each value by brilliant thinkers, ancient and modern, is followed by questions that challenge
the kids to find their own answers by using their own intelligence and creativity. Almost all the questions
have many good answers, so there are no wrong answers and no tests.

The parent listens attentively without interrupting until the child (or children) have finished.
Then the parent may ask questions, being careful to respect the thinking of the child. 
This method relieves the parent from needing to be the “all-wise guru”.
The book is very easy to use, easy to understand, and fun. It brings parent and child together
to think of critically important ideas. It speaks to parents of all faiths and children of all backgrounds.
Highly recommended by Ph.D. child psychologists.
Illustrated. Color.