HAVE YOU TALKED VALUES WITH YOUR KIDS? is a powerful book. It brings parents and children together to think about important values: Forgiveness, Gratitude, Courage, Kindness, etc. Thirteen values are addressed in statements by brilliant men and women, ancient and modern. The children (AKA Thinkers) are challenged to think about each value and answer stimulating questions about it. The Thinkers find their own answers through their own thinking! The parent listens respectfully without interrupting the Thinkers' trains of thought. Praise and encouragement are welcome at any time.

The quality of the Thinkers' answers is secondary to the book's primary goal: to direct the thoughts of the Thinkers to life's essential values. This new method relieves the parent from having to be the "all-knowing guru". The parent needs no special knowledge nor preparation. It's fun!

The questions are more fun when they are answered by a group (mixed ages are OK) rather than by one Thinker. The Thinkers love to hear what other Thinkers are thinking! When only one Thinker is answering the questions, it is important to have one or more adults present who can give hints, ask leading questions, and are who are generous with praise and encouragement.

After the Thinkers have done their best to answer each question, the parent may want to ask questions, such as "What if...?" or "Why did you say...?" or "Do you think that...?" or "Could it be that...?", etc. There can be different answers to the questions, but no wrong answers. If a parent disagrees with his or her own child's thought they can discuss it privately. 

THE VALUES IN THIS BOOK ARE WORTH THINKING ABOUT. They are tools that we can use to bring more happiness into our lives and the lives of others. They have been developed over thousands of years by people who had many of THE SAME PROBLEMS WE HAVE TODAY. We need these values NOW.

Recommended ages: roughly eight through twelve. Usually only one discussion is held a week. Often a little treat follows. Adults may participate!